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An archivist works by day in a prestigious university medical library. By night she descends into her personal archive, a vast shadowy world of objects, clues and evidence from the 1920s-40s which she has gathered, organized and constructed over years. Towering stacks of newspaper articles surround an old desk; war diaries, maps and letters are filed in cabinets and deep drawers; remnants of a doctor’s office (diplomas, patients’ records, a surgical table) catalogue a medical career; an enormous trunk houses evidence of a crime; river rocks consecrate a death; a life-size family tree unfurls like a sail.

The archivist is investigating the mysterious secret life of her grandfather, cultivating archival rituals and routines in an attempt to order the past, orient herself and find the truth behind this complex tale. Yet like her family before her, she cannot contain or erase what is haunting her. As she unearths her family’s past, her archive comes to life. We enter the landscape of her mind, memories and imagination. This film is a cinematic, detective journey into the remarkable world of a doctor-opioid addict, an encounter with unforgettable characters including doctors in recovery today.

A feature-film in development.